Journal Entries

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Good day to you, dear reader 🌞 The muse has struck again, amidst the chill of a winter morning. It's been a dreary couple days here in Nashville and the sun finally popped out from behind the clouds. My brain is sipping it up like a fine wine. These words flew out. 

Hands grow old
Through the harshest winters
And simmering summers

Wear it with honor
Every wrinkle a path
A story of survival

Human minds fix and mend
Even when there is nothing to solve

So ease your mind, darling

Let go of the chase
Seek nourishment
Body and mind, darling

Listen to the trees
They hold the wisdom
Beyond our world

Let yourself stand still
Clear into the static
Live in the sunshine, darling

We all feel lost sometimes
The earth is our home
It’s so special you’re here

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Hello children of the moon 🌙 I hope you have begun to build a warm and protective nest around your precious hearts in preparation for winter. May we follow the signs of nature and settle down a bit from the churning of everyday life. As we enter into the colder months, I've really been resonating with the color blue. Almost obsessing over it. It is such a calming color but also feels indulgent and dense.

This is so random, but when I was in middle school, I took a very involved test to figure out what profession would be best for me and as my fellow classmates were getting results such as "lawyer" or "nurse", I recieved the profession of "ice cream flavor name creator". Ha! I kid you not! Of course, this was funny but also very confusing. Why did my answers spit out such a specific career? Was the system mocking me? Any way - as a way to fulfill my "prophecy" 😂 of crafting up artful monikers, I'd like to do a naming excercise with the colors shown in the picture above.





Well, there you have it. Welcome to my brain. Have a wonderful winter ❄️


Saturday, August 26,

Internal swelter

Soaked in golden rays
Dripping in excess
Vessels purge

Barely breathing
Thick and wet
Extract the air
Hea(r)t(s) surge

Underground and inside
Fragile and hidden
Caged and forbidden
Circadian dirge

Stormy release
Momentary relief
Radiation seeps in
Life on the verge

Dreaming of a welcome fire's warmth
Patience and knowing
Soon the earth will chill
Autumn will emerge

Monday, July 31, 2023

Hello moonchild, it’s been a while. Are you enjoying summer? It is as hot as Hades here in Tennessee. Just roasting away. I heard someone say “the world is an oven and we are the meat” the other day and that really put a new spin on things for me… ha! Anywho - the garden is popping off, especially the sunflowers. The largest of them seem to be entering their final stage of life, bowing their heavy heads. It got me thinking about how something (the sun) can be both a catalyst of growth and a punishing crucifier. I’m always so amazed when growing things from seed. At the start, so small and delicate, and in a few month’s time, a sentinel standing ten feet tall. I’m going to try something new and write my original poem (that will get worked and reworked until it becomes our next song) here first! Usually, I write it in my notebook, then jam around and come up with something musical before sharing it - but not this time. I’m going to be bold and harsh, and put it all out there - just like our sun.

Exploded from the earth
I am the invigorated seed
Fed with the energy
Of what will be

Will I die young?
Trampled or eaten
Or will I survive?
Strong and sustained

Fast before your eyes
I shoot up to the skies
Following my obsession
Rooted and curious

My petals fan out
Soft as velvet
I am a reflection
A beautiful burst

Gusts can snap
But I bend and sway
Heavy when wet
Surprisingly, okay 

Until one day…

Bowing and broken
The sun beats on
What once gave birth
Now punishing

“To death!
To death!
I give you life
To death!” 

Back to earth
A faceful of seeds
What once fueled my power
Is the end of me

Well there it is my beautiful reader. I’m excited to see where this one goes.

Nature is the all-knowing teacher,

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Hello and welcome to my brain. The moon is just about full and it has me working in chaotic spurts. I'm becoming more and more of an early riser and have been trying to start my day by standing directly in the sun's rays (for just a few moments). I also try to keep the lights dim once the sun goes down. It's pretty astounding how far away from the natural rhythm we has humans have gotten. Can you imagaine if we still had to grow and hunt our own food? And only had the people of our village/clan to converse with? Sometimes I yearn for that life...but with all humans being treated as equals this time around.

Source: Mali Maeder

It is a warm 70 degree morning as I write this. I can smell summer in the air. My neighbor's pet pig is snorting up a storm 🐷 I've been gifted a hand-me-down piano and it's becoming a great songwriting tool. My recent meanderings have brought up some lyrics I wrote last June after finally experiencing the 'rona! Although I've made it vague and daunting, as I do.

Here is a lil' peek of what is currently titled "Take me to the woods":

Finally the summer's heat
has gotten deep
inside of me

Heavy breath circling 
inside my lungs 
dimming me

Blisters and burns 
take me to the woods
protect me in the dark 
protect me in the darkness 

Until we meet again,

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Hello dear reader. The new moon, aka black moon, has left us and we are now in the exciting first quarter. It's amazing what the absence of light can do. Have you ever noticed how your gaze is fiercely pulled towards the light in low-lit surroundings? Every glimmer catches your eye, peaks your interest. It's hard to stop the eye from doing so. The human spirit is a dazzling thing. Striving for I've learned along the way that each new moon session feels lonely and causes that inward assessment...until I see the return and feel invigorated and inspired again. The moon really is a quite dazzling teacher if you let it be.

Today I saw these photos of a full circle rainbow. Have you ever seen such a beautiful thing?

Source: @jerryscience

Wow. I've always thought that the real "pot 'o gold" at the end of the rainbow is just seeing the rainbow itself. And this just technically doubled the amount of rainbow possible to see. Apparently, you have to be in the sky to see it this way. Light! 

All this talk of moons and rainbows really brings me to the source of all sources, the sun. My muse. My Creator and my Destroyer. I've always been fascinated by the sun because it is something I must be very careful with. My human skin blisters and burns in direct sunlight, therfore I must stay (mostly) in the shadows. A lot of my songwriting is about just this. Oh how I long to take in the sun freely! Alas, I stay shrouded. The thing that gives life can also kill. 

My lack of natural protection from the sun's rays sometimes makes me feel as if I'm not made for this world. Another theme I've begun exploring through song. What would it be like to leave Earth? Perhaps there is a world out there who's star is slightly less brutal. In such a vast universe - there has got to be more options, yeah?

I'll leave you with a snippet of lyrics from our soon to be released song "Echoes of the Universe".

Echoes of the Universe
Ringing in our ears
Can you hear it?

Will it remain
a mystery
or will you see?

Deep in the dark
Is who we are
Echoes of the Universe

Shimmering so far away
What do you say?
Are you alive and well?
Or did you die today?

Out of range
How strange
Ear to Earth
Echoes of the Universe

Thank you for listening,