Journal Entries

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Hello and welcome to my brain. The moon is just about full and it has me working in chaotic spurts. I'm becoming more and more of an early riser and have been trying to start my day by standing directly in the sun's rays (for just a few moments). I also try to keep the lights dim once the sun goes down. It's pretty astounding how far away from the natural rhythm we has humans have gotten. Can you imagaine if we still had to grow and hunt our own food? And only had the people of our village/clan to converse with? Sometimes I yearn for that life...but with all humans being treated as equals this time around.

Source: Mali Maeder

It is a warm 70 degree morning as I write this. I can smell summer in the air. My neighbor's pet pig is snorting up a storm 🐷 I've been gifted a hand-me-down piano and it's becoming a great songwriting tool. My recent meanderings have brought up some lyrics I wrote last June after finally experiencing the 'rona! Although I've made it vague and daunting, as I do.

Here is a lil' peek of what is currently titled "Take me to the woods":

Finally the summer's heat
has gotten deep
inside of me

Heavy breath circling 
inside my lungs 
dimming me

Blisters and burns 
take me to the woods
protect me in the dark 
protect me in the darkness 

Until we meet again,

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Hello dear reader. The new moon, aka black moon, has left us and we are now in the exciting first quarter. It's amazing what the absence of light can do. Have you ever noticed how your gaze is fiercely pulled towards the light in low-lit surroundings? Every glimmer catches your eye, peaks your interest. It's hard to stop the eye from doing so. The human spirit is a dazzling thing. Striving for I've learned along the way that each new moon session feels lonely and causes that inward assessment...until I see the return and feel invigorated and inspired again. The moon really is a quite dazzling teacher if you let it be.

Today I saw these photos of a full circle rainbow. Have you ever seen such a beautiful thing?

Source: @jerryscience

Wow. I've always thought that the real "pot 'o gold" at the end of the rainbow is just seeing the rainbow itself. And this just technically doubled the amount of rainbow possible to see. Apparently, you have to be in the sky to see it this way. Light! 

All this talk of moons and rainbows really brings me to the source of all sources, the sun. My muse. My Creator and my Destroyer. I've always been fascinated by the sun because it is something I must be very careful with. My human skin blisters and burns in direct sunlight, therfore I must stay (mostly) in the shadows. A lot of my songwriting is about just this. Oh how I long to take in the sun freely! Alas, I stay shrouded. The thing that gives life can also kill. 

My lack of natural protection from the sun's rays sometimes makes me feel as if I'm not made for this world. Another theme I've begun exploring through song. What would it be like to leave Earth? Perhaps there is a world out there who's star is slightly less brutal. In such a vast universe - there has got to be more options, yeah?

I'll leave you with a snippet of lyrics from our soon to be released song "Echoes of the Universe".

Echoes of the Universe
Ringing in our ears
Can you hear it?

Will it remain
a mystery
or will you see?

Deep in the dark
Is who we are
Echoes of the Universe

Shimmering so far away
What do you say?
Are you alive and well?
Or did you die today?

Out of range
How strange
Ear to Earth
Echoes of the Universe

Thank you for listening,